Dougherty's primary research interests include regional governance, citizen engagement, and municipal management and finance. His expertise has led him to be hands-on with local and state government programs, conducting applied research programs for over 30 state and local government and nonprofit agencies. Owner of his own consulting firm, Evaluation Resources, Dougherty has a long history in government and nonprofit administration. 


Teaching and Research Areas

Dougherty’s research focuses on these key areas:

  • Public finance
  • Public administration and management
  • Public policy
  • Court administration
  • Political Culture
  • Nonprofit management


Select Publications and Funded Research

  • Dougherty, George W. and David Y. Miller. “The Membership and Governance of Regional Intergovernmental Organizations” in Miller, David Y. and Jennifer Nelles (eds.) Regional Intergovernmental Organizations in the United States. New York: Routledge, 2018.
  • Stout, Margaret, George W. Dougherty, and Larkin S. Dudley. 2017. “Citizen advisory bodies: New wine in old bottles?”  in Ward, James (ed.) Beyond Reform: Leadership and Change in Public Sector Organizations. New York: Taylor and Francis.
  • Dougherty, George W. and Meagan Van Gelder. Public Agency Hiring, Minimum Qualifications, and Experience. Review of Public Personnel Administration, 2014. 


Awards and Honors

  • Donald M. Goldstein Teacher of the Year Award, University of Pittsburgh, 2017, 2020


Consultancies and Public Service

  • Act 47 Coordinator, Braddock Borough 
  • Act 47 Coordinator, City of Duquense 
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Early Intervention Program/ Strategic Management and Planning Program
  • Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh Moving to Work Evaluation
  • Mid-Mon Valley Smart Government Initiative


Other Faculty or Academic Positions 

  • Public Policy and Management Program Director, GSPIA, University of Pittsburgh
  • Undergraduate Public Service Degree Coordinator, University of Pittsburgh