Collaborating to solve pressing policy issues for our region.

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The Congress of Neighboring Communities (CONNECT) brings together the City of Pittsburgh and surrounding municipalities to identify common public-policy challenges. We advocate for collective change on behalf of Allegheny County’s urban core.

Our effectiveness comes from engaged municipalities who work to tackle the community’s most pressing policy issues. CONNECT strives to build strong relationships with partners and stakeholders to advocate for public policy change.

Member Communities

We are not a stand-alone entity, but rather an organization that brings together regional government leaders to discuss the communities they represent. Our network advances policy solutions to benefit the residents of the region. All of our municipal members have three representatives each, which together make up the membership community. None of our work could be done without our members, friends, and partners from around the region, who work collaboratively every day for the benefit of the residents of Greater Pittsburgh.


  • Patricia DeMarco, Chair (Council VP, Forest Hills)

  • Andrew Flynn, Vice Chair (Mt. Lebanon Commissioner)

  • Mary Ellen Ramage, Secretary-Treasurer (Manager of Etna)

  • George Zboyvsky, Manager Representative (Manager of Brentwood)

  • Rich Fitzgerald, County Representative (Allegheny County Executive)

  • William Peduto, City of Pittsburgh Representative (Mayor of Pittsburgh)

  • Brittany Reno, Immediate Past Chair (Sharpsburg)


To learn more about CONNECT or to become a member community email CONNECT@pitt.edu.


Policy Issue Areas

We have a profound impact on current policy issues in areas such as water and sewer, infrastructure coordination, transportation, public health, and energy and sustainability. Our representatives sit on policy working groups that address the issues of importance to our CONNECT communities. Membership in our policy working groups is not limited to CONNECT members. Enacting policy change requires partnerships across borders and organizations. If you’re interested in serving on one of CONNECT’s policy working groups, or would like to be more involved, please contact us.

Why our work matters:

  • Our communities comprise roughly 700,000 people, more than half of Allegheny County’s total population.

  • Six of every 10 jobs in the county are located within this urban core.

  • The urban core municipalities are interdependent: in fact, only 18 percent of county residents work in the same municipality where they live.

  • Among those who live within the urban core, the overwhelming majority also work within the urban core.

  • There are 130 municipalities in Allegheny County, and CONNECT convenes almost 25 percent of them to find solutions to problems.