Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership

Instilling ethics, responsibility, service, and values in our public leaders.

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About the Johnson Institute

Our mission at the Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership is to produce professionals with the highest standards of ethics and accountability.. Through rigorous teaching, research, and outreach—and by creating opportunities to engage in disciplined debate, reflections, and inquiry—we develop and celebrate outstanding leaders for the public and nonprofit sectors.

Our teaching

In policy and management, we develop the leadership skills of public officials in the U.S. and abroad emphasizing ethical reasoning, stewardship, lifelong learning, and accountability. Through our programs, we cultivate the leadership skills of highly motivated and talented students, giving them opportunities to govern an organization, engage with distinguished leaders, and acquire cutting-edge skills needed to lead today’s complex enterprises.

Our Nonprofit Clinic enables students to participate in actively providing professional consulting services to Pittsburgh organizations each year. We also host executive leadership seminars where students participate in trainings for cohorts to enhance their skills and practices.

Public Forums

Through our public outreach programs, you can take part in conferences, workshops, and public meetings that provide advice to organizations who want to boost their performance and accountability. Our Exemplary Leadership Award honors outstanding leaders who are examples of the institute’s values and ideals: leadership, integrity, and accountability. Our Emerging Leader Award recognizes the accomplishments of early-career individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and high promise of future accomplishments.