Center for Metropolitan Studies

Empowering students to serve through urban policy research and management.

Center for Metropolitan Studies Center for Metropolitan Studies

Our Mission

In most areas of the United States and other developed countries, the primary policy actors — local governments, civic institutions, private interests, and citizens and citizen groups — need to work across boundaries, with each other and with state and national entities, to deal with a vast array of complex social, environmental, and economic problems that can only be addressed at the local level. The skills and strategies necessary to operate across these boundaries are still in their infancy. At the Center for Metropolitan Studies, we are committed to hastening their development.

About the Center

The center’s endeavors are twofold: First, we are a means by which GSPIA serves the city, region, and state. Second, we provide management and policy experience to graduate students. As a lead institution in developing knowledge about regional intergovernmental organizations (RIGOs), we’re proud to be at the forefront of local government innovation in the 21st century.

Beyond these activities and conducting research, the center also presents the Wherrett Lecture series, which has been bringing cutting-edge thinkers and educators together since 1955.