Student Testimonials

Hear about the GSPIA experience from current students.

Paul Donnelly



With endless professional and academic opportunities, GSPIA offers a program that enables students to utilize their time at the University of Pittsburgh to develop any skill they need for their future career. I chose the MID program here because of the school's history, its amazing faculty,  and its strong connection to the development world in D.C. Since starting my program, I have been amazed not only with the academic aspects of my program but also by the phenomenal group of classmates with whom I work.

—Paul Donnelly, degree candidate, Master of International Development


Attending GSPIA was the right decision for me because it allows me to learn more about local government and community development in the town I hope to serve after graduation. In addition to my thought-provoking classes, I've enjoyed the opportunity to travel to two national conferences to learn from practitioners in the field. As a result, my eyes have been opened to a variety of career paths I had never previously considered.

—Emma Yourd, degree candidate, Master of Public Administration

Emma Yourd

Keara Sanderson


"I chose GSPIA because it offered the exact program I was looking for in regard to academic coursework and opportunities outside of the classroom. To give an example, I am taking an intelligence analysis course and get to apply that knowledge to the FBI-associated working group at the Matthew B. Ridgway Center. I truly feel that one of the core strengths of GSPIA is the faculty. Each professor I have had or interacted with comes from a different professional background and experience. I am extremely happy with my choice to attend GSPIA."

—Keara Sanderson, degree candidate, Master of Public and International Affairs



The MPPM program is helping me develop superior skills in management and policy that I can apply to any sector. I’ve been able to connect with fellow classmates as well as alumni who have a broad range of interests and expertise. GSPIA’s community really makes the graduate school experience unique—especially for a part-time student like myself.

—Kevin Zwick, degree candidate, Master of Public Policy and Management

Kevin Zwick


Dijana Mujkanovic




I chose GSPIA for its reputation and the reputation of its faculty, but also because I really like Pittsburgh. I am thrilled to be part of GSPIA's doctoral program because it is rigorous. I feel supported by my professors and my colleagues, and our doctoral student body is very tightly knit. I know that my time spent at GSPIA is preparing me to enter the workforce upon graduation, where I will have the opportunity research what I love, have a direct impact on policy issues I care about, and teach the next generation of aspiring academics and professionals.

—Dijana Mujkanovic, doctoral candidate, PhD in Public and International Affairs


GSPIA is a part of a larger network that is University of Pittsburgh. In addition to GSPIA's inspiring professors, supportive staff, and many resources, I continue to build connections beyond GSPIA with academics and professionals whose research and work closely align with mine. I am especially thankful to have met with individuals from the Nationality Rooms, the Katz Graduate School of Business, the Global Studies Center, the European Studies Center, and the Departments of History, Political Science, and Musicology, all of whom have been incredibly open and willing to help me achieve my goals.

—Victoria Hoang, degree candidate, Master of International Development/Master of Business Administration

Victoria Hoang