Civil Security and Disaster Management Minor

The increased relevance of civil security and disaster management in local, state, federal, and international arenas has created new professional needs and opportunities for students preparing for careers in public and international affairs. This minor enables students to concentrate their studies on civil security and disaster management, but relate these studies to any of the four degree programs offered in GSPIA.

Students must complete nine credits from the courses listed below:

  • PIA 2101: Managing Threats, Emergencies, and Disasters
  • PIA 2129: Law and Civil Security
  • PIA 2096-78: Early Warning and Contemporary Threats*

*(As an alternative to PIA 2096-78, students may take PIA 2742: NGOs and Humanitarian Disasters and an independent study in International Humanitarian Assistance in Disaster Environments)

Students are encouraged to take a fourth course as an elective from the following set of complementary courses:

  • PIA 2100: Information Technology
  • PIA 2165: Advanced Information Technology and Public Management
  • PIA 2390: Ethics and National Security
  • PIA 2361: Liberty and Security in the Age of Information and the War on Terror
  • PIA 2552: Managing Organizations in Development
  • PIA 3000: Multivariate and Network Analysis

Graduate level courses in related fields in Information Sciences and Computer Science will be accepted as an elective, with consent of the instructor and advisor’s approval. Relevant courses in these fields include:

  • CS 2550: Principles of Database Systems
  • TELCOM 2512: Information Policy and Ethics
  • TELCOM 2813: Security Management

Center for Disaster Management
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