Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Disaster Management is to educate the next generation of researchers, analysts, policy makers and professional managers in disaster management-related disciplines through a world-class integrated program of innovative knowledge generation. It will enhance the quality of the educational experience for graduate and professional students who participate in the Center’s research and education projects.

The Center for Disaster Management at GSPIA conducts research on decision making in the rapidly changing, complex environments of disaster risk, response, and recovery. It also Is developing a decision support system for practicing managers operating in uncertain environments. Further, it provides opportunities for research experience and mentoring for students preparing for professional careers in disaster risk reduction and management.

The Center provides a visible point of contact for public agencies at local, state, national and international levels of jurisdiction for research and education in disaster management.

Program Spotlight - JIISIS

JIISIS, or Java Interactive, Intelligent, Spatial Information System is a working prototype decision support system designed with, and for, practicing emergency managers. It is designed to improve interactive communication, coordination, and collective action among public organizations engaged in the shared task of managing risk to people, property, and continuity of operations in communities exposed to hazards.


Recent News

Dr. Louise Comfort accepted the 2017 B. Wayne Blanchard Award for Academic Excellence in Emergency Management in Higher Education from North Dakota State University. The award is given annually to scholars who have made contributions to the field of emergency management, a field to which Dr. Comfort has dedicated her career. 


In 2013, Prof. Louise Comfort received a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to build a tsunami detection system in Padang, Indonesia.  As a result, Prof. Comfort’s research has led to the creation of a faster detection system to replace the more expensive buoy system, possibly adding crucial extra minutes of warning for vulnerable coastal cities.


GSPIA Professor Louise Comfort, director of the Center for Disaster Management, has received the Distinguished Citizen Award from Macalester College. The Distinguished Citizen Award recognizes alumni who have exercised leadership in civic, social, religious and professional activities. Recipients demonstrate a practical acceptance of these obligations in their lives and work. Comfort graduated from Macalester in 1956. 


Center for Disaster Management
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